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The Candy Spooky Theater @ Meguro Rock May Kan - 2/2/09

My first time seeing The Candy Spooky Theater in their home country, on their turf, where they are unquestionably in control. I was definitely very nervous, with no idea what to expect at all. To be honest I was reminded of lining up outside the Middle East in Boston in May 2007, because I felt those same unrelenting nerves as that first time seeing them - however many times I may have seen them in America, I knew that seeing them in Japan would be completely different. At the same time though, there was a comforting familiarality in knowing that after more than a year, I was once again going to be seeing my boys, back on stage where they belong. A strange welcome home indeed.

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As we all filed out of Rock May Kan we ran into Rammy, who unfortunately couldn't come to the live because of work - I felt really bad that she couldn't go, but in any event, I'm really thankful to have met her because she's really cool, lol. ^^ And once again I do have to extend my heartfelt thanks to 1-5 and Nasu, because they really did make the live ten times more enjoyable than it would have been had I been alone, lol, and I give them credit for putting up with my ridiculous fangirliness and stupidity, ha ha. And major kudos to SaTaN who have stolen my heart, LOL, and their fans who are my new favorite people in the world. XDDD

Most of all, though, of course, I've got to thank my boys. When I look back at how long I've been a fan of The Candy Spooky Theater - which isn't even than long, if I think about it - I realize that if you'd told me in 2006 that one day, for them, and them alone, I'd be willingly tearing myself from my comfort zone and throw myself headlong into a place I never thought I'd venture in my life, I would have thought you were crazy. But when I look back at this time, I realize that it really could only be for them that I would do something so brazen. Time and time again they have proven themselves not only to be incredible musicians, songwriters, lyricists, and storytellers, but wonderful people as well, and I can never forget the kindness they have always shown me, whether they've known it or not. Ultimately I guess I probably am crazy for going to such lengths for them, but if you were to ask me if I regret anything, I'd have to honestly say, no. Through them I have had some of the best experiences of my life, and this show was no exception. So for that, I'm eternally grateful to them, and am eager to see where the next few years take them, and to hang on for the journey, wherever it may take me.

Peggy does promise that they'll come back to America someday. When that day comes, I'll be ready, as I'm sure all of us will be as well. Until then, though, I'll hold on to these memories, look back at them with a smile, and be constantly reminded of precious times spent with precious people. Of all the things I could possibly ever say to them, the one that is probably most important, is simply, thank you.
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The Candy Spooky Theater @ Pacific Media Expo - 11/9/07

The Candy Spooky Theater's first live in Los Angeles, and the furthest I've ever travelled to see them. (So far. XD) Was it worth the cross-country trip? Yes, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Looking back on the PMX live, in comparison to the band's lives in May... something seems different. I can't quite put my finger on what, although certain things do spring to mind - the location, the set list, the stage, the vibe in general. The night was very special to me, but it was very different.

A line was already forming by the time we checked out the ballroom a few hours before show time, and it got way longer by the time doors opened. Almost immediately after I sat down for the wait, I saw my boys walking right past us to the elevators, still out of makeup and costume. After nearly six months, to suddenly lay eyes on them again... my breath caught in my throat. The sight of them strengthened me, gave me hope for the entire weekend. 

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the candy spooky theater → wonderland

The Candy Spooky Theater @ the Sidebar Tavern - 5/22/07

The final night of the tour. The Candy Spooky Theater's final live in the US, Zull's final live with the band. Everything about Baltimore felt like a tour final, with all the surges of intense emotion that accompanies one. Sayonara... 

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Right now, I really don't feel like going into details about my long journey back from Baltimore to my home in New York. Suffice it to say, it was hell. Pure and simple. I did not end up back home until the following afternoon, after more than once being convinced I would never make it back at all.

Still. Would I do it again? Absolutely. No question. For The Candy Spooky Theater... yes, I would. And if and when they do come back to the States, I'm prepared to do just that. I'm prepared to repeat the entire process, and am in fact looking forward to it. It won't be the same without Zull there, but don't think that will dampen my enthusiasm. I'm more than ready to accept Kiddy Skeleton with open arms, and ready to welcome jack and Peggy back to our country. I'm ready to reunite with friends all over the East Coast, and make new ones. I'm ready to be thrown once again into a world of chaos and devilish glee, of days spent waiting for that one, perfect hour of life. I'm ready.
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A brief break from the onslaught of TCST memories to wish a happy birthday to a very special man. It is already the 29th in Japan, and I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Then, the pierrot - enigma, jokester, but always at heart, that single question: What is human?

Look how far you've come! Commanding that stage all on your own now. Have you found the answers you seek? I can only hope that you do - and that you continue to enlighten us for years to come.

Today also marks the release of Közi's first ever live DVD. If all goes well, it should ship today and will hopefully get to me soon. As soon as I can, I will be popping that DVD in there and reveling in the experience. At long last getting some sense of the kind of live show he can put on. If one day I can experience it in the flesh, for myself... well, that is the most I can hope for.Közi's Co-Chamber Psycho! trip is supposed to be this weekend as well. Hope all goes well, and that someone will report back to us and give us some kind of updates on this elusive man, lol. Lives anytime in the near future? New music? Anything? XD I so wish I could have gone on this trip myself, but ah, Japan... far... expensive... language barrier... soshite etc... 

Until the day I can tell him this face to face, I wish Közi the happiest of birthdays and hope he thoroughly enjoys this special day. And I leave you guys with videos - past, present, future, and on...

(Sorry for the f-list rapeage, but... no lj-cut for this man. *shrug XD*)